Divine Cosmos

Becoming the Sweet Lingering Kiss of Heaven and Earth

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Divine Cosmos Practice

This approach to development is called Divine Cosmos Practice. Emphasis varies with the needs of the individuals participating, and often involves somatic elements such as sensing and gestures. Aspects of Divine Cosmos Practice include:
  • Satsang and sharing
  • Transmission of states of consciousness and healing through sound (speech), sight (looking into each other's eyes) and touch (shaktipat)
  • Connection, Communion, Union (partner practice)
  • Entelechy Activation ("entelechy" is the vital force that supports and guides self-actualization and fulfillment)
  • Integrative Kinesthetic Alchemy (simple movements help to embody and merge with primal energies and archetypes)
  • Remember Who You Are (adopting the perspective of That and integrating life experiences. See the book, Remember Who You Are.)
  • Divine Cosmos Meditation (use of the physical body as the portal to feeling the Cosmos as one's body)
  • Universal Healing Meditation (our wounds and challenges enable us to connect with and bless all other beings with similar circumstances, which heals them and us)
  • Nothing Comes Next (entry into timeless emptiness)