Divine Cosmos

Becoming the Sweet Lingering Kiss of Heaven and Earth

We are not just mortal beings with a few decades to live, love, struggle and die. We can know ourselves as That which was never born, and which never dies.

Awakening, enlightenment, liberation, and entering into the Kingdom of Heaven are some of the terms used in various traditions to describe this development. It’s all about a fundamental shift in the locus of our identity, and no longer being convinced that we’re just striving, short-lived creatures made only of flesh and bone. We can know, experience, that we are That: the timeless emptiness and the fullness that are one and the same.

Something even bigger than this personal transition is happening: the Cosmos itself, all of Creation, is Awakening. In a profound and fundamental process, that which was sundered in the Creation process is becoming whole, and our own Awakening is an important part of this.

In human beings Heaven and Earth can be reunited. We can become the sweet lingering kiss of Heaven and Earth, the living embodiment of Spirit and Matter reunited as the Divine Cosmos.

This Awakening of the Divine Cosmos blossoms wherever there is love, healing, growth, community and individual Awakening. Here you will find support for this Awakening to express in, through and as you.

With blessings and love,